The images were taken on by the Oswego river walk in Oswego, NY. It is one of many winter storms to come in Oswego. Probably the last of 2019.

Oswego River Bridge
E. Bridge Street, Oswego river, Oswego, NY

There is something very mysterious about black and white photography. I miss being able to capture that mystery. 

As an undergraduate, I use to spend a lot of time with photography. That was in 2004 when digital photography was as expensive as a hobby as scuba diving or car racing. Plus, the technology was not as good back then. Tradtional film was still the weapon of choice. I not only took images with film, I also developed B&W myself. I was the darkroom manager for the off-campus college.

It wasn’t just a pleasure in taking the photos themselves. There was something more gratifying in seeing them develop later in the darkroom. It was also especially rewarding to manipulate them with techniques like overexposure and dodging and burning. Techniques that also required a level of skill to even get it half right. There were not undo tricks.

Although instant gratification and applying filters are convenient, I wish I had the time to do photography the way I use to. But technology helps me spend more time taking photos and sharing them.

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