So last Friday I competed in a dodgeball tournament at the local YMCA. I was surprised how well organized they made the event. Also the number of local team. 

I was lucky to be invited to this group of faculty and and others who call themselves the “Inside Kids.” From what I understand the inside kids gets their names because most of them are not athletic. They are the ones who spend time growing up reading, playing board games, practicing an instrument, etc. The irony of it is that many of them are not only athletic but very competitive. Which I find very refreshing as long as it is in good fun. They are fun. 

But one of the question I got from my very good friend at work was why would you want to play dodgeball and relive childhood fears. Actually many have said that including those who played. It was not just the dear of getting hit in the face. Which I managed to avoid because I blocked the ball as it hit me out of nowhere. I guess I had faster reflexes or was lucky. 

The funny thing was that I was not angry, upset, afraid or anything when I got hit. I fact, I didn’t feel any of those things while playing. I really was just having a great time playing. I even enjoyed watching others play. I had so much fun that I even subbed for another team. I had so much floor time.

I definitely found myself being one of those who wanted to win. I always cheered on my teammates and encouraged them. Never getting upset or taking the game to serious. I even enjoyed it when one of the other better team complemented me on some of my catches. I never felt that fear of letting my team down, even when I was the last man. I think I even caught one to help us get back into the game. 

So, I guess what I have learned or rather what I didn’t experience that that night was childhood fears. I just ended up having a fun night.

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